VIOPS-4 Workshop

Virtualization infrastructure workshop 04 -Cloud DAY-

[ outline of holding ]
Date:   Friday, December 11,'09 10:00-17:30 (opening the doors 9:30)
Place: Yokohama City Kohoku Ward Hiyoshi 4-1-1 
           Keio Kyousei-kan 2F Hiroshi Fujiwara commemoration hall
Traffic: It is 1 minute on foot from Tokyu Toyoko Line, Tokyu Meguro 
           and Yokohama City Subway Hiyoshi Station.
Map:   See follow

Acceptance: Please present one business card by the acceptance in front of the hall. 
Purpose: Knowledge sharing and spread enlightenment among engineers 
              of virtualization infrastructure technology
Object: Interested person in virtualization and Cloud technology
Cost: Plenary session:[ General ] 5,500 yen (including tax),
         5,000 yen (including tax), and [ the student ] is free. 
         Get-together:5,000 yen (including tax)
Participation registration:An online, prior registration : here
Capacity:200people (get-together: 50 people)
Content: Spread enlightenment lecture of virtualization and Cloud technology and panel discussions

[ program ]
The latest in Cloud and technology trends - core technology that moves business -
Network Vaule Compnents Ltd.
Naoto Matsumoto

In the worldwide departure of the spread on user and donor's both sides from an advanced virtualization and the Cloud technology, and the arrangements of technology trends that can be used now, it is down shot ..becoming empty.. [ru] as for a technological current that has happened now. 

Technical research and proving test of DHT/decentralization storage
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Professor Yuuki Kadobayashi

It reports because it works on the proving test 
in the technical research and StarBED of Distributed Hash Table 
and decentralized storage, and some reusable results have been sent 
by the process of the software development in 2004. 
From 2004, He has doing the research of Distributed Hash Table, 
decentralized storage and demonstrating experiment on StarBED.
He reports on some reusable results that have come out 
by the process of the software development. 
Also, the difficulty of the verification of the scalability 
and the many core environment Heisenbug etc. are described. 

Lunch rest

Cloud business development technique - industrial structure judging from marketing analysis, gotten -
Livedoor Ltd. Tomoko Okuzawa
VMware Ltd.   Koji Komatsu
Cisco Systems Junichi Kobiyama
Network Value Components Naoto Matsumoto

The change of the industrial structure where the virtualization and Cloud were made a device is taking place in the business environment that surrounds us now. 
The Cloud business that analyzes the market trend that bases them and is said it is promising for a mid/long term is done and the simulation that bases the cost trial calculation etc. is done. 

The first rest

Cloud operation management technique - problem solution seen from operation case -
Internet multi-feeding Ltd. Katsuyasu Toyama
FUJITSU Ltd. Masaharu Arai
NTT communications Ltd. Mamoru Murakami
NTT communications Ltd. Takeshi Takahashi Futoshi

More technical consideration and measures are assumed more than the engineering problem
that had been done up to now in the Cloud computing 
that operates on the basic technique of the virtualization etc.
In this session, the problem from the site that actually constructs and operates Cloud 
and the measures are discussed based on the case. 

Anatomy of Cloud technology seeing from system structure.
A: Intel VT - basic technology that supports virtualization
Wellin technology Ltd. Shuichi Kato

The virtualization environment has the case where it doesn't know the principle of operation though the operation engineer is using Intel VT(Virtualization Technlogy) that became general a lot. 
In this session, it explains the principle of operation of the technology that relates to a virtual machine and Intel VT. 

B: Skip Graph with Erlang that high school student of active service mounts
Daiki Chijiwa

"Key value type data store where the range can be retrieved" to give a live demonstration 
by applying for this year's Interop2009 cloud computing competition,
 and passing the last audition is a system that mounts 
 the Skip Graph algorithm by the function type for the parallel processing named Erlang. 
In this session, it explains the system and implementation by the developer Mr. Daiki Chijiwa 
in the first grade of high-school. 

VIOPS lap up - virtual technique that watches tomorrow -
The summary of the plenary session and the view in the future are brought together. 

Get-together (planned)
Sponsoring:Virtualized Infrastructure Operators Group Backup:
    IPv6 spread and upgrade promotion conference
    NPO Japanese network security society
    Internet Association Japan
    Computer software society
    Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association(JEITA)
    Japanese network Operators group

Chair: Naoto Matsumoto Network Value Components Ltd.

Board: Akira Kondo, Mahoroba-kobo Ltd
          Katuyasu Toyama, Internet multi-feeding Ltd.
          Koichi Ise,  Livedoor Ltd.
          Tomoko Okuzawa,  Livedoor Ltd.

Secretariat:  E-side Ltd./ Mahoroba-kobo Ltd.

[ participation registration ]

The prior participation registration is received in online. 
Participation registration

Cost Plenary session:
    [ General ] 5,500 yen (including tax)
    [ Member of backup group ] 5,000 yen (including tax)
    [ Student ] Free of charge

Get-together:5,000 yen(including tax)

When the member of the backup group registers the school name when it is registered by the student
Please input the code of the member of the backup group of which it informs you beforehand. 
Inquiry:VIOPS secretariat(in e-side Ltd.)
TEL:045-534-3881 viops at

Virtualization infrastructure workshop holding indicator and note

                                                                                Update on October 26, 2009
                                                                               Making on February 25, 2009
                                                                            Naoto Matsumoto VIOPS chair 

Desire for holding:The place of the information sharing is indispensable for the operator and the service developer who constructing operates this for new leather a virtual technique to advance advance every day. 
Overcome the fences of Vender, system developer, operator, and user's, We offer the workshops to share the information once at half a year. And it endeavors and it comes of the deepen of the exchange and the latest trend the offer of the place to which it pays attention. 

Securing of continuance:It holds it by a pay form in a non-profit-making purpose
                   for sustainable management of the workshop. 

                                                                              Naoto Matsumoto VIOPS chair
                                                   Virtualized Infrastructure Operators group/chair,1st. 





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